Following input from downtown residents and businesses concerning street racing/loud mufflers, groups of aggressive bicycle riders, after-hours activities in the parks and on streets, as well as homeless issues, DRANA recently requested funds from the Tampa Downtown Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) for downtown additional on-street community policing. The CRA has granted $100,000.00 per year to be used for community policing in our neighborhood.  The Community Policing Program is expected to begin in early Summer, 2021 and will provide for additional downtown on-street policing to address quality of life issues for residents, businesses and visitors in downtown Tampa.

One of DRANA's goals is to have more regular police presence on the streets downtown to deter issues before they happen.

DRANA worked with the Downtown CRA Department and the City of Tampa Police to identify and create awareness of specific downtown concerns and issues, and develop solutions for those concerns and issues. Downtown residents and businesses can provide input about these concerns by attending our quarterly member meeting April 22.  Downtown Police Captain Brett Owen, as well is the new police Homeless Liaison will be in attendance. A question and answer period will be provided.  To make sure your questions or comments are heard, please submit them in advance by registering for this Zoom member meeting and submitting your advance questions (link in the upcoming events column on this page).


2021 UPDATE: The city has started a 2nd redesign of Herman Massey Park to allow space for a restaurant., to be built in the building next to the park, to use part of the park for outdoor restaurant seating. This 2nd redesign will include sessions to allow input from our neighborhood as to park features we'd like to see. These sessions will be scheduled in the summer of 2021 and members will be notified of dates and times.  

As part of DRANA's recent priorities, our association completed surveys to determine needs of Herman Massey Park from the downtown neighborhood. Overwhelmingly, public safety was identified as the community's priority and DRANA approached the City of Tampa's Community Redevelopment Area for park improvements.  As a result, upward of $1,300,000.00 has been committed to the redesign and revitalization of our downtown's Herman Massey Park. 

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GIVING BACK - video of DRANA gift of supplies for local residents


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